Chautauqua Wedding Photographers

Allison & Dan showed us such a good time this past weekend. We had already gotten to know this fun-loving couple through an engagement shoot at Southern Tier Brewery, so we knew Saturday would be a blast.


The beautiful, historic Athenaeum Hotel on the grounds of Chautauqua Institution is where we began and ended our day. Allies bridesmaids laughed and drank mimosas as they got their hair & makeup done. In another room of the hotel, Dan and his party soaked up the last bit of air conditioning they would see for a while. With a forecast peaking in the 90’s that day, they were a bit reluctant to pull their suit jackets on!

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Both parties rode over to the Hall of Philosophy, where Alli and Dan would say their “I Do”s. Guests settled in, remarking on the beautiful weather. As the music began, Alli took her father’s arm and shared one last private smile before they walked out into the aisle.

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Alli and Dan shared a traditional ceremony and their first kiss as the birds chirped and the breeze blew off the lake. It was a perfect setting. Their parents smiled as they looked on, and friends & family made their way to the hotel to share cocktails on the sweeping porch of the Athenaeum.

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After touring the grounds to some favorite locations for portraits, the ladies shared some private time to lounge in the sunroom of the hotel before the festivities began. Everyone gathered in the lobby and cheered as the wedding party was announced.

It simply cannot go unmentioned that the food at this wedding was just amazing. Alli and Dan, with a shared love of bacon, planned their menu with the fantastic chefs at the Athenaeum Hotel, and the result was an amazing spread including a full pig, bacon mac & cheese, and bacon-wrapped-bacon. Let me repeat – bacon-wrapped-BACON. It was decadent. Also – can we talk about Alli’s incredible talent for making BEAUTIFUL macaroons? We knew from their engagement session that these colorful cookies were a favorite of theirs, but seeing (and tasting!) them as adorable, personal gifts for family and friends on each table was such a nice touch. Color us thoroughly impressed.

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The evening was full of family camaraderie, including some hilarious speeches (loved the Verizon joke, Sebby!) and touching dances. The feeling of family and friendship was strong as guests nibbled on traditional Italian cookies (a LOT of them) and whirled and twirled on the dance floor. By this time, a cool breeze made its way into the hotel and guests enjoyed cocktails as they celebrated the night with Alli and Dan.

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Thank you, to the whole crew of family and friends who made us feel so welcome this past Saturday. It was such a pleasure to capture your joy!