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Ok folks.

We’re excited (see above).

New, improved, two for the price of one (well, not exactly). All those fancy words about new and exciting things. That’s us! Rob and I are so pumped for this upcoming wedding season. We’ve spent all winter as busy little social media bees, getting refreshed and re-inspired. As you may have seen on facebook, we announced a partnership of sorts, with me (Christine!) being added as an Associate Photographer (I also like to call myself the Social Media Liaison, but that might be stretching it, since Rob is just as involved). You’ll still see me second-shooting with Rob when I’m not booked myself. With this change, we can offer twice the coverage to our brides and be much more flexible. As much discomfort as I feel talking a lot about myself, I promise a little profile soon so you can all get to know me.

One of our huge social media projects these past few months has been the introduction of our instagram page. We both had personal accounts before, but working on the official page has been addicting for both of us (we’re like, so over facebook now). Instagram is so inspiring! There are truly a lot of amazing photographers out there, and exposure to our professional peers has got us chomping at the bit to get out and shoot. We are excited about the prospect of sharing our beautiful local weddings with the world, and connecting with our clients in a more current, shareable way. Our instagram page is also going to feature some behind-the-scenes stuff that will keep you up to date on what we’re doing, our new gear, new locations, and as many embarrassing photos of Rob as I can sneak on there. I might regret that one.

We’ll also announcing something exciting soon we’re going to incorporate into our wedding packages…hush hush for now, but our first wedding is in a few weeks, so stay tuned for the “launch”!

In short – we’ve been browsing, clicking, liking, and learning for you. Wedding photography is a quickly-evolving industry and we know our clients expect contemporary, beautiful work. Rob and I are both tech-nerds who spend hours looking for the latest and greatest in wedding imagery, so we can bring that style and convenience to you. If you have any fun ideas for us, speak up! We love new things.

Follow our instagram for the absolute latest, including blog updates! See you out there soon!