The first step is to check my availability on your day.  Click here to find out if your wedding date is open.  If I am available, I am more than happy to meet with you at our studio, or chat with you on the phone to answer any questions you may have.  If you live outside of the Western New York area, we can FaceTime or Skype if interested.

After you answer the questions on the "Check Availability" questions, I will send you and email with information on pricing, and a contract.  Feel free to look around, and let me know if you have any questions.  Nothing is official until we receive your (electronically) signed contract and the retainer fee.  Once I receive the contract and a payment, the date is yours! 

I realize that booking a wedding photographer is a huge and important decision.  If you have any questions, please feel free to CALL or TEXT any time.  You can reach my studio  by calling 716.241.9856.

While I am a Western New York Photographer, I will travel anywhere to photograph a wedding.  We have photographed weddings in Alicante (Spain), Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Pittsburgh, Erie, Dayton, and Orlando (to name a few places).  I love to travel and I love taking photographs in new places!

First,  click here to check my availability.  If I am available, I will send you more information regarding our pricing.

Weddings coverage starts around $2500.

We typically ask for 1/2 of the shooting fee to reserve our services for your wedding. If this is not possible, we will set up a payment plan to meet your needs. 

When you send in a payment, I will set up an online 'portal' from which you can view your important documents (like the contract), view your invoice, an even make payments.  

As soon as you choose your date and venue, you should book your photographer.  Many of our clients book us more than two years in advance, while others book much closer to their date.

Even if you have not made up your mind on a photographer, click here to see if I'm available.

ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, 100% YES!…if you hire me, of course. I am always the lead photographer at weddings. I never, ever send someone in my place.  The last thing you need on your wedding day is a surprise like that! 

Like most photographers, I offer the option of including a second photographer for your wedding day.  So, why would you ever need two photographers?  There are a few perks:

1. You get a ton of photos.  If you are the type of person that LOVES photos...and LOTS of photos...this is a good thing.  

2. You can split us up.  For example, one photographer can photograph the ceremony from the church balcony while the other shoots from the floor.  

3. We can take pictures at two places at the same time.  One photographer can spend them morning with the girls, and the other photographer can spend the morning with the guys.  Sometimes guys host a special event in the morning...such as a round of golf, axe throwing (yes, I’m serious), etc.  

While it’s sometimes nice to have a second photographer, especially at large weddings, it isn’t always necessary.  I’ve photographed plenty of weddings by myself.


Basically, if I can walk, I’m showing up with a big smile on my face!  After hundreds of weddings, I’ve never missed one.  That being said, on your wedding day, you’ll be working with many human beings.  If I’m in an bad accident (God forbid) the day before your wedding, I may not make it.  So what would I do?

I have a huge network of photographer friends.  We frequently help each other out when emergencies arise.  I have no doubt I would be able to find a replacement photographer in the unlikely event that I was hurt.

Remember that a wedding is a very ‘human’ experience.  There are many people involved, from the florist, to the pastor...from the chef to the musicians.  You could worry all day about things that ‘could’ happen.  What if the catering truck crashes and all of our food is ruined.  What if the power goes out at the reception?  What if there is a tornado and ruins my wedding tent?  (In case you are wondering, all of the above have happened at weddings I’ve photographed!)

The good thing is you are surrounded by people who love you and have gathered to celebrate the two of you.  When there is an ‘issue’ at a wedding, people jump in to help.  (And chances are, you’ll have a great story!)

Yes!  I’ve been a full time photographer for the past 15 years.  I’m so thankful that I get to do what I love for a job.  Not many people can say that.  

Besides photographing weddings, I also photograph high school seniors (oh the drama).  

To see more of my work, please check out my Instagram feed.



Listed below are a few suggestions for getting great wedding photographs:

Think about the light…

  • Light is one of the most important parts of a great photograph. If possible, get ready for your wedding in a room with some natural light. Hotel rooms with a big window, or a house with plenty of windows work well. Try to avoid places like church basements, in which florescent lighting is almost always used.  Florescent lighting is not kind to photographs.
  • If you are getting married in the winter, remember what time it gets dark. If your ceremony is at 3pm, it may be dark by the time your ceremony is over…which puts the kibosh on outdoor pictures.

The small details…

  • If possible, your flowers should be delivered to your “getting ready” location.  This way, the ladies will have flowers for their photographs before the wedding.
  • The “getting ready” time is a great time for me to photograph the rings.  If you can, keep the rings with the ladies in the morning.  (Trust me, don’t let the guys be in charge of the rings.)

The Ceremony…

  • Please ask your officiant if there are any rules for photographers in the church.  Some churches don’t let the photographer move once the ceremony starts.  Others encourage the photographer to move as needed to capture the ceremony.
  • If you plan on having a receiving line, leave plenty of time!  I’ve photographed weddings in which the receiving line ate up all of the formal picture time.
  • If you would like to take formal family pictures after the ceremony, please make a list of who you want pictures of.  This will make the photos go very quickly.  Start with any older family members, then parents/extended family, and save the bridal party for last.

Bridal Party Portraits…

  • While your guests head to the reception and cocktail hour, the bridal party can venture off to a location for fun, relaxed portraits.  Locations that mean something to you make the images more special.  It is important to have a back-up plan incase of rain.


  • Your wedding day will no doubt be one of the most fun days of your life.  With the number of people involved in your day, something is bound to go wrong.  At one wedding I photographed, the power went out at the beginning of the reception, and stayed off the entire night.  While this would have been considered a disaster by most brides, the bride that night made the best of it and had a GREAT time!  There is no need to stress about things you can’t control. When you are relaxed, you will look your best!

There are a few things we will need from you to insure everything runs smoothly on your big day.

  • Before your wedding, I will email you a questionnaire about your wedding day.  I know these are a little boring to fill out, however, the more I know about your story, the better I can tell it. 
  • Formal Pictures List-If you would like to have formal pictures taken in the church (or outside) after the ceremony, please provide me with a list of photographs you would like to have taken.  This will prevent forgetting photos, and will help us to get your crowd to the reception faster.
  • Payment-Please make sure your account is paid in full before you walk down the aisle.
  • The more I know about your wedding, the better I'll be able to tell your story.  Please make sure that I have a detailed schedule of your day.

After the ceremony, I like to use no more than 30 minutes in the church for formal pictures.  (If you provide me with a list of photos you want, the process will go quickly and smoothly.)  If you want to take full bridal party pictures at a different location, like a park or golf course, allow about an hour.  You may want to leave a little extra time for the unexpected, like golfers who refuse to move, limo flat tires, etc. 

If you have a receiving line after your ceremony, make sure you budget for enough time to say hello to everyone.  If you have 200 guests at your wedding, and you spend 20 seconds hugging and saying hi to each person, you eat up almost an hour and 10 minutes of your day.  



Every wedding I photograph is posted online in a gallery.  Your gallery can be password protected if desired.  My online store provides an easy way for you, along with friends and family, to view and purchase photos.  The gallery allows you to share photos on social media sites, and mark photos as your 'favorite.' This comes in handy when you choose images for a wedding album.

My online gallery is here.  Feel free to look around at other weddings posted in the gallery.

I will also be emailing you an email with a list of links from which you can download full resolution copies of your images.  You can print your own photos, or order them from your online gallery.


 I keep a copy of your digital files at our studio.  I also keep your wedding photos online in the cloud.  This way if our studio was ever robbed, or caught on fire, your files will still be safe.  When I send you links to the files, you are pulling them from the cloud.  The files in the cloud are full resolution, and mirror the files I keep on my computer.  

You will no doubt experience a hard drive failure someday, and you might lose your collection of photographs.  No big deal!  You can just re-download them from the cloud.  


After you download your digital photos, I suggest a few things.

1. Buy a couple of flash drives (like these) and put all of the files on a drive.  Most weddings are under 16GB of files.  Then make multiple copies.  Keep one at your house.  Keep another in a different location. Maybe toss one in a safe, or safe deposit box. 

2. I do not recommend burining DVD’s of your photos.  While this method used to be considered acceptable, DVDs and CDs are quickly fading into the 8-track heaven.  Plus, over time, they can easily become damaged.

3. Just to be safe, back your photos up online with a could service.  Google Photos is a free cloud service that provides you with unlimited storage.  And it’s FREE!  You can back up as many photos as you want!  Did I mention it is free?  If you are an Amazon Prime member, (and who isn’t) you can upload your photos to their free photo backup included with Prime. 

If you are not very tech savvy and you would like help backing up your photos, just ask me for help.


No problem.  Because all of our files are backed up in the studio, and in the cloud, I can retrieve them for you.  Just zap me an email and tell me you want your files.  Don’t panic...I’m the master of backing up my work.