Western New York Wedding Photographers

Last Saturday, Rob and I traveled to the awesome Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY. We love traveling for weddings, for lots of reasons – mostly just so we can have time to down some Tim Hortons on the way. Just kidding.

Truly, Ellicottville is one of my favorite places in our area. For those of you unfamiliar, Holiday Valley is a ski resort with beautiful facilities, lodges, and plenty of summer activities during the offseason. Strolling through downtown seeing all the boutique local businesses is a lot of fun. They even have a mountain coaster which winds its way down the ski slopes through the woods – seriously, one of the coolest things you can do in our area.

Emily and Mike are adorable. Sometimes I step back and think, how do we get so lucky to photograph such beautiful people? (There’s a reason Rob and I are behind the camera!) Did I mention Mike is a dentist? You’ve never seen a family with better pearly whites!

Early in the day, the guys played some rounds of golf as the ladies got pampered. I love hearing personal stories from our couples, and Emily and Mike’s story of going through several years of long distance was especially touching since my husband and I did the same. This shadow box represented all of the different places Emily and Mike have lived, and finally, Charleston, the home they share together. Weddings are often a happy culmination of so many years of sacrifices, planning, and anticipation, and this day certainly felt like all of the above.

Emily and Mike shared an exciting first look under the trees, and soon it was off to the ceremony. All day, everyone kept commenting what a perfect day of weather we had – truly, it couldn’t have been better. With almost 200 guests watching, and a beautiful view of the slopes in front of her, Emily walked down the aisle on her father’s arm. Soon, they were Dr. and Mrs.

Now…I won’t pretend Rob and I weren’t excited about the next event of the day – riding the ski lift! Emily and Mike had such a cool idea to invite their guests to ride the lift and view the amazing mountains of Ellicottville. I might also mention that Rob and I are both just the teensiest bit afraid of heights, so carrying photo equipment on the lift, shooting, and trying not to fall to our deaths was a feat for us. We made it, obviously, and man was it worth it. Look at that view!

The Tamarack hall is such a grand place for a wedding reception, and with a fun-loving crowd like this, we had no doubt they’d dance the night away (which they did). The details at the reception were so beautiful and lovingly planned. Listening to Emily’s father tell the story of their song together (he picked it out on the way home from the hospital when she was born!) didn’t leave a dry eye. We ended the night huddled on the deck under hundreds of sparklers as a sendoff for the happy couple.

Many thanks to Emily, Mike, and their loving families for making is feel so welcome, and for ski lifts, giant balloons, and wedding selfies.